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Date published: April 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022: Koppert’s ongoing investment in the planet

Earth Day 2022: Koppert’s ongoing investment in the planet

‘Invest in your planet’, is this year’s international Earth Day theme and we can confirm that this is exactly what we have been doing at Koppert for the past 55 years. Established in 1970, Earth Day is an international day devoted to the planet. It draws attention to the environment, and promotes conservation and sustainability. On April 22, more than a billion people from more than 190 countries will join demonstrations, projects and initiatives in efforts to help the planet.

Koppert’s own contribution is clear:

We work for growers and continues to explore, formulate and introduce biological solutions that are locked in nature itself, to then make them applicable for sustainable and productive cultivation worldwide. Our ultimate goal is 100% sustainable horticulture and agriculture. It is the only responsible way in which to pass on the earth to future generations.

We are an active partner of the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals. Controlling pests and diseases in the greenhouse using predatory mites and wasps; making plants more resilient by using fungi in the soil, and introducing bumblebees to improve pollination, have all, directly or indirectly, enabled a significant reduction in the use of chemicals in horticulture and agriculture. We not only fight pests and diseases, but actively improve plant health, the health of people working in horticulture and agriculture, and the health of consumers who have access to residue-free produce.

In sharing our knowledge, we contribute towards improving the world’s food security and safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.

On the operational side, Koppert has actively reduced or compensated for its use of fossil fuels in transportation and energy, in its use of water, packaging and other production processes. This follows our mission to contribute to a healthy environment by reducing internal and external waste to zero % while using 100% eco-friendly materials for our products.

Our reduction, energy efficient and circular activities so far include:

  • Partnership with ENGIE to purchase green (solar) energy in the Netherlands. This will lead up to an estimated reduction of 9000 tonnes of CO2-eq in 2022
  • Streamlining production processes such as the introduction of a green label greenhouse for rearing that resulted in enormous energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emission
  • A total 1660 m3 of water saved thanks to improved cleaning techniques and increased yields.
  • An increasing number of electric cars are now in use. 75% of the fuel used for transportation of our products by the Dutch fleet is bio diesel HVO30. This has led to a reduction of 20% in CO2 emissions
  • First shipper to participate globally in the Air France KLM Martinair Cargo’s Sustainable Fuel Program, resulting in a reduction of our CO2 footprint by 250 tonnes of CO2-eq in 2021
  • 8500 tonnes of CO2 compensated via the Gold Standard Foundation and Trees for All in 2020
  • All Natupol bumblebees now housed in eco-friendly recycled liners, replacing 75.000 kg of new plastic with recycled plastic. Aiming for 200.000 kg in 2022
  • Over 30.000 eco-friendly cooler boxes supplied in 2021 resulted in the reduction of over 1500 m3 of EPS boxes. For 2022, 100.000 eco-friendly boxes have been targeted
  • Hive collection service an incineration in France aimed at waste reduction
  • A reduction of 5.000 kg of plastic waste for Montdo-Mite packaging materials was achieved in 2021
  • Using drones to release insects reduces the impact of heavy machinery formerly used

We have set ourselves on an accelerated path towards carbon neutrality to increase our positive impact on the world as a company. Our aim is to maximize circularity, consciously manage our energy and water use, and foster a socially sustainable workplace that develops talents and is safe.