Bruchid Beetle Trap (Bruchus rufimanus)

Bruchid Beetle Trap (Bruchus rufimanus)

Use Bruchid Beetle Trap (Bruchus rufimanus) for:

Monitoring and capturing Bruchid beetle adults. The trap aids in monitoring pest levels and onset of activity.


One Bruchid trap

To be ordered separately: species specific Pherodis pheromone for Bruchid beetle (Bruchus rufimanus)

General information

When to use Bruchid beetle trap?

Use the Bruchid trap in combination with the species-specific attractant for Bruchid beetle when flight of adult beetles is expected from the end of March during vegetative growth. Traps should be used as an indicator that there is an existing population on your farm/ in your area. Traps are not reliable during the flowering period of field beans and may not be suitable for use in earlier flowering winter beans.

How does the trap work?

Adults are attracted to a plant volatile based on the aroma of bean flowers. The attractant is hung inside the green part of the trap.  Adults fly into the trap and up into the white funnel and through the hole at the top.  They are then caught in the clear plastic top.

How to use Bruchid Beetle Trap (Bruchus rufimanus)

Application of Bruchid beetle Trap

Instructions for usage:

Traps are placed on a 1 metre cane.

One trap is placed on the North edge and one trap placed on south edge of the field.


Two traps per field


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

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