Attention devoted to biocontrol at Floriade

Attention devoted to biocontrol at Floriade

Ten years on, the gates of the spectacular theatre of nature are due to open again! Floriade 2012 will take place from 5 April to 7 October in a stunning park in Venlo, the Netherlands. Three different exhibitions will devote attention to biological crop protection and/or pollination.

The Floriade Park covers 66 hectares and encompasses five unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas. Each world has its own decor, programme and activities. Two million visitors are expected, 20% of whom will be active within or connected to horticulture.

The use of biological beneficials and natural pollinators is widespread among today's Dutch vegetable growers. In the cultivation of ornamentals, the use of biology is also becoming more and more important due to the development of resistance to existing chemical-based products and due to the wishes of the market. By attending Floriade, Koppert wants to underline the sustainable character of the Dutch vegetable and ornamentals cultivation sector in the field of crop protection. Greatly reducing the use of chemical agents, or even discontinuing their use altogether, is certainly one of the major advantages, but this policy also results in higher production levels. The food safety level of Dutch produce is therefore very high. Clean and safe cultivation for a healthy future.

Villa Flora
Villa Flora is the largest indoor exhibition of flowers and plants in Europe and forms part of the Green Engine theme world. Villa Flora is an impressive glass building more than 30 metres tall. At Villa Flora, you are plunged into a unique world of flowers and plants, beautifully presented in different styles ranging from classic to extreme.

Koppert will supply a complete biological control system for this exhibition. The use of natural enemies in this exhibition will be communicated on screens that are displayed in every theme world. In addition, a film explaining how biocontrol works can be watched in the Green School, where literature such as ‘Knowing & Recognizing’ also provides in-depth information on biocontrol.

House of taste
This exhibition forms part of the Education & Innovation theme world. Fruit, vegetables and mushrooms will be presented here in and around a specially designed Venlo greenhouse. This greenhouse is divided into three areas: Masterpieces of Mother Nature, the Market and Dutch Tuinbouw.NL. The surrounding area is furnished with outdoor products and fruit trees. Masterpieces of Mother Nature comprises six worlds of experience: open field vegetables, fruit, fruiting vegetables, mushrooms, 2x2, and the 'professionals'.

Koppert’s bumblebees will be on show in both the vegetable and fruit experience areas. The Natupol box is visualised in a tomato crop and photos of bumblebees pollinating fruit flowers will also be displayed. There will also be a hive into which you can actually stick your head! Here you can watch a high-speed film of a bumblebee pollinating a flower, you will see the bumblebees working on the brood and you will hear their buzzing sound. In the third part of the exhibition, Dutch Tuinbouw.NL, Koppert will have its own exhibition space of 10 m², where we will inform visitors about biocontrol and natural pollination. Visuals and interactive tools will play an important role here. In addition, our very own giant bumblebee will be walking around the site at weekends telling our story to visitors and generating extra attention.

Rabobank Earthwalk
In order to demonstrate its commitment to global developments in the food & agricultural markets, the Rabobank - as part of its foundership of Floriade 2012 - has decided to present a pavilion to the general public. This exhibition is located in the Environment zone. The Rabobank Earthwalk is an amazing attraction making use of a spectacular film. As well as the incredible film, an important role is reserved for so-called 'glocalisers': intrepid and enterprising individuals with ambition, initiators of local initiatives with a global impact. These 'glocalisers' contribute to making the world better, more prosperous and/or more sustainable in a way that is both successful and appealing. Koppert is identified as one of these ‘glocalisers’.

The five theme worlds at Floriade

  • Relax & Heal: Taste, smell, feel, hear and see how nature influences your health, your wellbeing and your mood in tranquil surroundings.
  • Green Engine: Nature and industry: complete opposites, you might think. But as you'll see here, they actually complement each other very well. Find out all about horticulture as a major economic engine.
  • Education & Innovation: A world of clean lines and changing perspectives,
    symbolic of the way we look at the future: always from a different angle.
  • Environment: Experience how flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and fruit in your immediate environment can improve your everyday life. Here you'll find out about the importance of bringing green into the city: indoors and outdoors, at home and at work.
  • World Show Stage: Get to know other cultures and immerse yourself in a colourful melting pot of art, culture and entertainment.

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