Inspiring webinar series on Plant Health


To mark the Year of Plant Health, Koppert has just concluded a three-part webinar series – Plants for Life, Plants to Survive – with a feature on Plant Resilience. The webinar series was to highlight the importance of plant health on people’s health. 


In the third session of the plant health series, the Creative Director of ‘Resilience Food Stories’ Hanneke van Hintum and Maaike Groot, Manager Public Affairs at East West Seed, shone their light on various aspects of plant health and how it connects to human health. The keynote speakers discussed their viewpoints with an online audience of young professionals, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, chefs and government reps; in short, anyone with a passion for plants and people. 


Koppert looks back on a successful and inspiring series of webinars on Plant Health which included three webinars: 

Webinar 1: A healthy plant feeds healthy people

The kickoff webinar featured Stijn Baan of Koppert Cress and Mark van der Werf of Koppert Biological Systems who connect plant health to human health, because after all, healthy plants feed healthy people! 

Missed it? Download the recording via this link 

Webinar 2: Exploring the world below our feet

The second webinar in our series: 'Plants for Life, Plants to Survive' put the spotlight on soil health. The inspiring presentations of grower, entrepreneur and speaker John Kempf and scientist Jill Clapperton led to a flood of questions and lively discussion on soil health and the future of food production, both for field crops and vegetables grown in protected environments.  
Missed it? Download the recording via this link 

Webinar 3: Plant resilience

Creative Director of ‘Resilience Food Stories’ Hanneke van Hintum and Maaike Groot, Manager Public Affairs at East West Seed, shine their light on various aspects of plant health and how sustainable cultivation it is linked to human health. 

Missed it? Download the recording via this link 


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