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Date published: June 07, 2021

Join annual conference on Food Security


Koppert is a proud sponsor of SANSA2021, the annual conference on Food Security, Sustainable Business and Water in the agricultural sector. SANSA is organized by ISAM, the international agribusiness school, together with Coexphal, the Association of Organizations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Almería. This initiative aims to establish an International Discussion Forum among members of the supply chain, academia and other stakeholders.

This second edition of the conference revolves around fruit and vegetables and the role they play in facing the challenge of food insecurity, taking advantage of the special occasion of the International Year of Fruits & Vegetables.

Leading professionals in their companies and in the agricultural sector will discuss, from their point of view, the strategies and trends that are guiding the present and future of the sector.

Join the conference and get free access to the knowledge and experience of 9 expert professionals in Food Security and enrich your perspective on one of the main challenges of this century: