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Date published: June 16, 2021

Trianum succesfully controls Fusarium in open field lettuce


Italian lettuce growers Stelio Porrini and Fabrizio Cimarrosti are significantly reducing the use of chemicals and improving their plant health thanks to Trianum.

Guidizzolo in Northern Italy, is an important location for the production of leafy crops. Almost 400ha are dedicated to the production of lettuce in open field and tunnels. Here, as in other important areas for leafy crop production, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lactucae is considered to be one of the main limiting factors for commercial production of lettuce during the summer season. This pathogen, firstly reported in Japan, is now present in the US and different EU countries including Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Reliable bio-fungicide

‘Thanks to Trianum, I am now able to control Fusarium and Sclerotinia at the same time, with no need for a chemical fungicide,’ says Fabrizio Cimarrosti. ‘To increase the good effect of Trichoderma in the field I decided to apply Trianum in the nursery, so that once the plants are transplanted, the root system is already well colonized and protected.’ This is particularly important during summer transplants where the high inoculum of pathogen present in the soil and the temperatures favour severe attacks of Fusarium. ‘Since using Trianum, I am able to significantly reduce the chemical inputs to my crop,’ Stelio Porrini continues.


A double formulation for every situation

Trianum is present in the market both in microgranules (Trianum-G) and in wettable granules (Trianum-P) formulations: this way growers can apply the product with the different machinery they have available and rely on the good efficacy of T. harzianum T22.

‘I like the fact that Trianum is available in 2 different formats,’ states Stelio Porrini. ‘In open field transplanting, during spring and summer period, I use Trianum-G in the microgranulator so that the root system of the new plants come into direct contact with the product. In the winter period, when the production moves to tunnels, I use Trianum-P. In these conditions it is easier and more effective to use it through the irrigation system or with a spray boom right after transplanting.’


Healthy crop

It is well known that Trianum improves the uptake of nutrients and water; furthermore, it enhances the resistance of the plant against suboptimal climatic and agronomical conditions.

‘We have been using Trianum for more than 4 years and the effects on the crops are clearly visible: the plants look healthier, show a better rooting and an increased development of the aerial part,’ Stelio and Fabrizio conclude.

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