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Date published: February 09, 2018

International Training Course Entomology - 19 - 22 March 2018

From 19 to 22 March Koppert Biological Systems is hosting an international training course Entomology in the Netherlands. To implement and understand IPM in different countries and different crops you need a lot of skills and knowledge. In this international training course we teach you about the most important pests, their natural enemies, scouting techniques, application methods and plant health.

What’s in it for you?
• You are able to recognize the pests and their natural enemies in the crop.
• You are able to scout in the right part of the crop to monitor the pest.
• You understand the functioning and biology of the natural enemies.
• You get a better insight in the development of pests and their natural enemies.
• You are able to introduce the natural enemies in the correct manner.
• You receive the book ‘Knowing and recognizing’.
• You know the ins and outs of natural pollination.
• You better understand plant health.
• You understand all possibilities of bumble bees applications.
• You understand the working mechanism of NatuGro products.
• You will learn how to check the quality of products on arrival and how to protect them in transport/storage.

With explanation and exercise (by means of pictures, interactive media inclusive video, binocular and living material) you learn about the appearance, the working mechanism, the life cycles, the distribution behavior in the crop, the application in the field and biology of pests and their natural enemies.

Practical part
With the help of a binocular you can distinguish the pests and natural enemies.

Field visits
Growers of ornamentals, vegetable crops.

Introduction strategies of beneficials in vegetable and ornamentals. Sufficient time to exchange ideas about IPM during the course. This course is especially designed for participants who want to deepen or refresh their knowledge about pests and their natural enemies.

There will be practical assignments about checking the quality upon receipt and how to pack products to maintain the best quality (only for distributors and subsidiaries).

For more information about this course:
Koppert Biological Systems, Jenette Douma (tel.: +31 (0)10 514 04 44).

To enroll for this course:
Clarice Teunissen (