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Date published: May 05, 2017

Jungle Talks: Martin Koppert discusses Koppert’s internationalization strategy in interactive masterclass

Martin Koppert, Koppert’s Business Development Manager, is hosting an interactive master class on May 11. The masterclass will illustrate the internationalization & Innovation strategy of the company with the help of the MABA model or ’Market Attractiveness Business Assessment’.

The masterclass is part of the Jungle Talks webinar series of 2017. Each month a horticultural entrepreneur describes his internationalization strategy and shares his thoughts on new opportunities for growth. Talent is needed to turn these opportunities into reality. And that is why this entrepreneur will invite, during the masterclass, international students to digitally apply and to become part of this future.

Martin Koppert will talk about international challenges in the market, competition from chemical concerns like Bayer and Monsanto, and share the company’s vision on how to grow in the future, especially with regards to the microbial business line. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is an important adagio in Koppert’s current strategy when developing new products. In addition, the company is not only considering plant health, but is convinced that healthy plants and crops lead to healthier people and foresees a more prominent role for the company in this field.

This masterclass will again be concluded with an appeal to students and young professionals to assist Koppert in realizing its future ambitions. Martin Koppert is looking for talent and will share his thoughts on who and what he is exactly looking for at the end of his masterclass.

International horticultural entrepreneurs, students and everyone interested in the story of Koppert Biological Systems is very welcome to join this free webinar on Thursday, 11 May, at 19.30 hrs CEST. Please register via this link.

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