Category: Press release
Date published: May 23, 2018

‘Knowing & recognizing’ now available in 4 languages

The comprehensive, new edition of ‘Knowing & recognizing’ – Koppert Biological Systems’ revised and updated reference book on pests, disease and their biological solutions – has been translated into Dutch, French and Spanish. The English version was launched in October last year.

‘The success of the English version underlined the urgent need to have the information available for other horticultural and agricultural regions of the world,’ says Koppert communications specialist, Jan Piet Bak. ‘Our biological solutions are sold worldwide, so it’s important that information concerning the prevalent pests and diseases is accessible to other parts of the world in different languages.

’As both public and governmental pressure for sustainable solutions for food crops and ornamental plants mounts, and measures are taken to reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture and horticulture, the importance of biological agents such as insects, fungi and microbiological solutions for growers increases around the world. For effective control of pests and diseases through the use of biological control agents, knowledge of their biology is therefore of utmost importance.

A knowledge company
The English version of ‘Knowing and recognizing’ was launched at the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, last year. Koppert Biological Systems believes that sharing knowledge can play an important role towards achieving 100% sustainable horticulture and agriculture, while working in partnership with nature.

‘Knowing & recognizing’ received a massive make-over in 2017 and now counts 443 pages of the latest information, dozens of illustrations on the life cycles of insects and 700 photographs on the most prevalent pests, diseases and their natural solutions.

The first edition of ‘Knowing & recognizing’ was published 25 years ago. The new version is the biggest to date, partly because of the new section on microbiology – an increasingly important component of biological crop protection. The new edition, now available in English, Dutch, French and Spanish, can be purchased online by going to