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Date published: October 23, 2017

Koppert presents new edition of book Knowing & Recognizing

BASEL - ‘Knowing and recognizing’, Koppert’s renewed reference book on pests and their biological solutions was launched at the ABIM in Basel, Switzerland, on Monday. This edition now also includes a brand new section on microbiology. Internationally recognized as the global platform for the biocontrol industry, the ABIM was chosen as the perfect time and place to introduce the new edition to professionals in the industry.

‘Knowing and recognizing’ received a massive make-over over the past year and now counts 443 pages of revised and updated information, dozens of illustrations on the life cycles, and 700 photographs of the most prevalent pests, diseases and their natural solutions.

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The book was launched to coincide with the company’s jubilee year as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. As keynote speaker at the ABIM this year, Koppert’s Managing Director Paul Koppert personally presented Willem Ravensberg, President of IBMA, with the first edition. Ravensberg: ‘The use of biocontrol is not a simple process it has become a complex system in which many aspects need to be considered. This new and expanded edition of Knowing and recognizing will give professionals in horticulture and agriculture an important tool when it comes to understanding and implementing Koppert presents new edition of book Knowing & Recognizingbiological crop protection.'

Paul Koppert explains why the book is important for the company: ‘Koppert believes that sharing knowledge can play an important role towards achieving 100% sustainable horticulture and agriculture. This reference book will help the company to project this aspect of our work.'

The first edition of ‘Knowing and recognizing’ was published 25 years ago, with the last update published in 2003. According to Managing Director Henri Oosthoek previous editions of the book have travelled far and wide: 'I even found a copy in Sudan last year. It is a wonderful ambassador for what we do and what we stand for.'

The new edition of this trusted growers' guide is the biggest to date, partly because of the new section on microbiology – an increasingly important component of biological crop protection.

The English version of ‘Knowing and recognizing’ can be ordered as of 13 November through the Koppert website. There are plans for translations and digital access to a number of chapters in the future.

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