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Date published: March 05, 2018

Panoramix launched in Serbia

Koppert together with Zeleni Hit Serbia last week introduced Panoramix seed treatment last week, just before the start of the sowing season. The Vojvodina province of Serbia is part of an important ‘corn belt’ and has a very strong concentration of row crops and cereals. This makes this province a very interesting region for the introduction of Panoramix.

‘We set up trials together with our distributor, Zeleni Hit Serbia, two years ago,’ Area Manager Ron Verhaagh explained. ‘They were very enthusiastic about the product, but also the concept as they were already following trials in maize with amino acids and bacillus amiloliquefatiens. Prof. Dr Nebojsa Momirovic, the owner of Zeleni Hit Serbia, decided to directly apply for the Serbian registration of Panoramix.’

‘While some of the trials were very good, some raised question; the overall results over the past two years prompted the decision to officially launch Panoramix in Serbia,’ Ron reported. ‘We organized a seminar for 63 of the most important field managers of row crops in the Vojvodina region on 20 February, and both Product Manager, Rick van de Pas, and Business Development Manager Row Crops, Constanze Holzfuss, gave a very good technical introduction on Panoramix. This was followed by a presentation of the results from the local trials of the last 2 years, by Prof. Dr Momirovic,’ Ron, who introduced Koppert Biological Systems to the audience, added. An interview on the seminar and the Panoramix launch were featured on the national television’s Channel 1.

Distributors Zeleni Hit Serbia organized a number of meetings with the biggest farmers in the area on 19, 20 and 21 February. ‘The discussions with these farmers were tough, but good. ‘Farmers have to think in a different future ’ Ron reported. ‘Zeleni Hit will now follow this up with a Panoramix sales drive and with a dedicated Panoramix person, who will visit the farmers before they start sowing their crops.’

Zeleni Hit Serbia hired a professional company last year to record some successful trials. The video with English subtitles is available here.