Savona – no longer available

The product Savona is no longer available from Koppert Biological Systems. This product fell under the Dutch (RUB-lijst) ruling concerning exemption authorization for pesticides which ended on 15 February 2018. Products on this list may only be sold until 1 October 2018, and used ultimately till 1 October 2019.

Registration for this products would have to be resubmitted to the EU. This is a protracted and costly procedure and has led to the decision to withdraw all activities concerning Savona in Europe.

Savona was used to control insects such as thrips, whiteflies, aphids, mealy bugs, bugs, cicadas and larvae of sawflies on vegetables, fruit and ornamentals. The withdrawal of this product means that Koppert loses a very effective correction agent where biological protection is carried out. Savona has sold out and is no longer available.