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Date published: February 07, 2018

Taking part in the Dutch National Bee Strategy

Koppert Biological Systems is one of the 43 partners to join the Netherland’s Bee Strategy to carry out a comprehensive plan to protect and conserve all pollinators.

The partners have taken on the responsibility for more than 70 initiatives that are part of this project for the coming years and will be monitoring the results between 2023 and 2030.

In 2013, the Dutch government initiated the Action Programme for Bee Health which specifically targeted honeybees. The new strategy aims to protect all pollinators, and especially the wild bee species which are the main pollinators in the Netherlands. More than half the wild bee species are currently on the Red List of threatened species.

The three principal themes of the new National Bee Strategy are:

  • Promoting biodiversity

  • Improving the interaction between nature and agriculture

  • Helping beekeepers to improve the health of the honeybee

The National Bee Strategy was signed by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, nature conservation institutions, agriculture and horticulture organizations, research institutions, government authorities, business and industry in The Hague on 22 January.