Natutec Scout

Improve scouting with your mobile device

Use the scanner of Natutec Scout to quickly and easily take photographs of pest insects. Using the Natutec Scout scanner gives you the following benefits:

  • Available for iOS and Android 
  • Similar results as traditional manual scouting
  • Full integration and compatibility with Koppert products and its protocols
  • Time and labour saving

Natutec Scout | Koppert Biological Systems (EN)


8 reasons to start using Natutec Scout!

1.   Professionalizes your integrated pest management by using a Cloud-based uniform registration tool 
2.   Allows Koppert’s consultants to continue remote support, even during greenhouse lockdowns 
3.   Automatically generates condition-based alerts, indicating development of pests and diseases
4.   Increases reliability of IPM-data – reducing input error-sensitivity 
5.   Scans Horiver sticky cards for automatic identification and registration of insects
6.    Securely stores  IPM-data in the Cloud accessible from anywhere at any time, providing real-   time insights
7.    Increases efficiency, time saving and cost saving 
8.    Situation-based support and focus  – “Let’s talk about your actual areas of attention!”

Are you interested in using Natutec Scout?

At this moment Natutec Scout is only available for Koppert customers. If you are interested in using Natutec Scout please contact your local Koppert consultant. If you are not a customer but you are still interested you can sign up for the waiting list via the form below. 

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