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Date published: April 06, 2021

Economical and better biocontrol of aphids, mealybugs and Echinothrips


By using an earlier phase of lacewing - the natural enemy of aphids, mealybugs and Echinothrips – growers can now tackle these harmful pests more effectively and economically. Continuous R&D by leading biocontrol innovator, Koppert Biological Systems, has resulted in a new product marketed under the name, Chrysopa-E, which uses the egg stage of the lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea, instead of the larval stage used previously, to greater effect.

Aphids and mealybugs are difficult to control and an increasing problem in many crops in which hotspots can grow explosively. With fewer and fewer chemical agents available to combat pests, many growers have turned to biological solutions and IPM programmes to control plagues and diseases.

Greater efficacy at less cost

Chrysopa-E can be produced at much lower production costs, so the grower can use many more beneficials at less expense. With Chrysopa-E, the grower has a very large army of biological control agents ready for action. Chrysopa-E eats all types of aphids, mealybugs and Echinothrips, so this is a natural enemy with a big menu in that respect. Chrysopa-E can also be used preventively, offering the grower more certainty. Due to a decrease in available pesticides, it has become necessary to offer affordable solutions such as Chrysopa-E.

Both larval and egg phases available

While the larval product is supplied in a 6-litre bucket containing 10,000 larvae, the eggs are delivered in a 90 ml canister containing 100,000 eggs, so there is a huge gain in terms of transport volume and the supply chain is more sustainable. The existing Chrysopa product (larvae) will remain available and can be used for hotspots (localized spots in the greenhouse with a cluster of many pest insects). Chrysopa-E is suitable for a wide range of crops and Koppert has conducted tests in various crops with good results. Practical experience with the use of eggs in medical cannabis in Canada shows positive results.

Advantages Chrysopa-E

Due to its the attractive price, it is possible for growers to use many more beneficials and thus gain better control of pests, with a better return on investment. Chrysopa-E is also suitable for long-term preventive use due to lower costs with less need for chemical corrections that may disrupt the total biological system in the greenhouse. The product contains no carrier material, so leaves remain clean. This is particularly an advantage in cannabis, but can also be advantageous for certain ornamental crops.

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