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Date published: November 26, 2018

Following Swirski, Spical undergoes revolutionary upgrade

With the release of Swirski Ulti-Mite, Koppert placed a revolutionary update of the successful predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii on the market. The company is now doing the same for Neoseiulus californicus. Growers of various crops warmly welcomed Spical Ulti-Mite, providing a more robust control of spider mite in vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops.

Ulti-Mite is a sachet that is highly resistant to drought and moisture in greenhouses, under plastic, and in outdoor crops. This patented biocontrol system is the perfect environment for Neoseiulus californicus to establish its population. Spical Ulti-Mite performs up to three times better than the standard sachets.
The new sachet is also completely industrially compostable, and Koppert has also strengthened the hook so that it lasts longer. The predatory mite can find the best possible conditions inside the sachet resulting in a better developed population to control spider mites even more effectively.

A more robust control
‘The biggest advantage for growers is that they have many more predatory mites in their crops, leading to even better control of spider mites,’ explains product manager Tim Bossinga. But it is essential not to make the mistake of thinking that this means that fewer sachets can be used per hectare, as this will negate the advantage for the grower. ‘Koppert and its consultants make sure their clients are well aware of this,’ says Bossinga. ‘Especially growers who are still inexperienced with biological control are likely to make this mistake.’

For current users and outdoor crops
‘Spical Ulti-Mite is a reliable alternative for users of the standard sachets,’ says Bossinga. ‘Spical Ulti-Mite means you are no longer dependent on climatic conditions, as the sachet always performs consistently.’ According to the product manager, Spical Ulti-Mite can also play an important role in crops and countries that still have little experience with biological crop protection. ‘As it increases the robustness of the system, Spical Ulti-Mite can yield even greater results in these places in particular.’

Thanks to its resistance to moisture and drought, Spical Ulti-Mite can also increase the success of biological crop protection in outdoor crops and reduce the need for the use of chemical products. ‘This especially applies to large outdoor crops such as melons, grapes, and citrus fruits, which all face the challenges presented by spider mites.’

A revolution in crop protection
More Ulti-Mite products are scheduled to follow Swirski Ulti-Mite and Spical Ulti-Mite, which can be used in addition to other predatory mites. Koppert aims to deliver as many predatory mite products as possible in this new format. ‘The benefits of Ulti-Mite are so significant that you could call this a revolution in biological crop protection,’ concludes Tim Bossinga.

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