Even distribution of predatory insects with Natutec Drive

Even distribution of predatory insects with Natutec Drive

Half a year ago, Dyson Farming in the UK took the decision to acquire the Natutec Drive tool to disperse its biological pest control products. ‘It was a brilliant move,’ says Glasshouse Manager Angel Angelov. ‘When it comes to the even distribution of Koppert’s predatory insects, it’s in a class of its own. It also fits perfectly into our hi-tech, sustainable approach to cultivation. At Dyson farming, it’s all about innovation.’


Uniform dispersion

Dyson Farming is the biggest private landowner in the United Kingdom and grows a variety of crops. The family-owned agricultural company prides itself on its innovative and sustainable approach to agriculture and uses cutting-edge cultivation techniques.

‘We only recently started soft fruit cultivation and now have 15 acres under strawberries. This is where we have installed Natutec Drive. We have fitted the unit onto our heating pipes and it allows us to distribute Thripex and Chrysopa really accurately,’ Angel explains. ‘The two arms of the tool unfold over the crop to blow the live products accurately and uniformly over the strawberry plant foliage without harming the insects. We are really satisfied with this application.’

Angel Angelov has worked on strawberries farms for 17 years. ‘In the past, application was done manually and proved to be labour-intensive, time consuming, and not always accurate. We battled to get the product uniformly dispersed. Natutec Drive is easy to use and takes care of all these problems. We now spend less than a quarter of the time we used to spend on dispersal and the accuracy of application has improved 100%.’