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Date published: May 16, 2023

Big impact starts small

Trichoderma harzianum

Big impact starts small

Our micro products are small, really small. And although they are not visible to the naked eye, they have a big impact.

The living organisms in our micro products are a great way to biologically control various soil-borne diseases and foliar pests and are an effective alternative for chemicals.

Products like Trianum and Mycotal have been indispensable in numerous horticulture crops for many years.

Benefits for growers
Using micro-organisms in crop protection can offer many benefits to growers. They are safe and easy to use, as they can be applied with existing spray equipment. They leave no residue, which helps growers to meet the increasingly demanding supply chain requirements. In addition, growers don’t have to worry about the harvest interval.

All important reasons why our micro products are a valuable and effective addition to the IPM strategy of growers.

We keep improving
Our dedicated research teams are continuously developing and optimizing our micro product range and production processes. To ensure that we can provide our growers with the highest quality and best performing biological crop protection solutions.

This continuous improvement and dedication has recently led to a new optimized formulation of Mycotal, based on the entomopathogenic fungus Lecanicillium muscarium Ve6, that controls whitefly and thrips in various protected crops like vegetables, ornamentals, soft fruits and nursery trees. This new formulation shows a higher efficacy and increased shelf-life, supporting growers all around the world to overcome these pests in their greenhouses.

Extending our products
Optimizing our products is not the only task our dedicated research teams focus on. We constantly develop new micro products that help solve problems growers are facing in an expanding range of crops. In addition we also explore new markets and crops with our existing product portfolio.

Worldwide, our teams are actively researching the application of our micro products in an increasing number of outdoor crops like onions, fruit trees, grapes, citrus and row crops.

‘And we see good results,’ says Product Manager Paolo Banzato. ‘Our continuous improvements and research help us to make sustainable agriculture accessible to everyone, everywhere.’

100% sustainable agriculture
Our mission towards 100% sustainable agriculture is ongoing. To reach this goal, we work closely together with growers worldwide. And our micro products, although very small, help us take a big step towards reaching this goal.

Because big impact starts small.

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