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Date published: May 23, 2022

Biodiversity: Research into our positive impact on nature

At Koppert all our solutions originate from nature itself, so it’s essential that biodiversity is something we treasure and promote.

‘Biodiversity is declining worldwide due to the loss of habitats, the use of pesticides in agriculture, acidification of our soil, and climate change. Biodiversity is the foundation of all life on our planet. Human interventions have caused a biodiversity decline,’ says Market Access Manager, Evert Hamblok. Protecting our biodiversity needs to be prioritized.

Major policy changes are being implemented globally and at European level. The European Green Deal including the Biodiversity Strategy and the Farm to Fork, are aimed at a reduction of nitrogen and pesticides by 50% and working towards 25% organic farming by 2030. This policy is in potential very beneficial for the market position of biological control industry. However, in practice the market introduction of our solutions are being restrained more and more by legislation that do not suit the nature of our products.

‘Although it seems very obvious that Koppert is already making a positive impact, we observe a trend where at one hand the transition to sustainable agriculture is being embraced by policy, on the other hand legislation is restraining the transition towards sustainable solutions,’ explains Evert with concern.

‘Explaining the positive impact Koppert has on biodiversity is of vital importance to secure the market position of biological solutions within the industry.’- Market Access Manager, Evert Hamblok.

Biodiversity research in progress
Monitoring biodiversity in order to prove the overall positive impact our solutions have is complex as nature is unpredictable and responds differently at different locations, soils, crops and years. Nevertheless, it is important for us to show to our stakeholders the positive impact our solutions have on biodiversity.

‘Once we can measure our positive impact, we can showcase our stakeholders the benefits that our IPM practices and products have on maintaining and enhancing biodiversity,’ Explains Eveline Stilma, an expert on biodiversity and organization. Eveline has been working on the topic at Koppert for the past year. Our resent research conducted resulted in a strategy and a definition.

The definitions that reflect our positive impact on biodiversity:

Our products originate from nature
A rich biodiverse nature is the foundation of Koppert’s business. It goes without saying that valuing nature and caring for the environment are essential for us.

Our products work with nature
Our biological solutions trigger a natural function within horti and agro-ecosystems. In agricultural systems, we work with nature and not against it by setting up natural, highly functional horti and agro-ecosystems. Soils are revitalized, plants become healthier and resilient and plagues will be naturally controlled when our biological solutions are applied. Resilient horti and agro agro-ecosystems give high yields with products of excellent quality from agricultural systems that sustain the natural biodiversity.

We are partner with nature for biodiversity
Our natural solutions add up to the number of natural organisms within agro-ecosystems and trigger natural functions within the horti and agro-ecosystems creating conditions for indigenous organisms to enter agricultural fields.

‘Within horti and agro-ecosystems our biological products stimulate natural functions and sustainable growth that has a positive impact on biodiversity.’ – Biodiversity and Organization expert, Eveline Stilma.

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