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Date published: October 05, 2021

Upgrade Eco-friendly Coolbox delivers


The Eco-friendly Coolbox introduced earlier this year has been upgraded after rigorous trials that have resulted in better quality products delivered to growers. Evidence that we ‘Keep Improving’!

The shipping box, designed and adapted for the transportation of live insects and microorganisms has replaced the large ISO shipping boxes. Besides being more sustainable, the innovation shows a 25% saving on air freight, having gained an extra layer on a pallet due to the economy of size and weight.

In the coming weeks, the upgraded Eco-friendly Coolbox will be introduced with additional sizes. These include the A size (available as of week 42); and B, C and D sizes (available as of week 47). The new Eco-friendly Coolbox will be available for Koppert subsidiaries, distributors and direct customers.

The new version includes these features and benefits:

  • Better insulation properties. Insulation pockets are thicker and made of new material. The innovative design with top panels has created better insulation, which increases the quality of products delivered in the Eco-friendly Coolbox.
  • Cushion pads – no dust. Following user feedback, we changed the insulation features. The previous insulation pads produced cellulose insulation dust during handling. Now the cushion pads are easy to handle and dust free. A big change!
  • Stronger. The cushion pads also make the box very strong as there is a better fit and no gaps.
  • Light weight. The new coolbox is substantially lighter and easier to handle.

The improvements form part of Koppert’s sustainability target for ‘Zero Waste by 2030’. At the ‘end of life’, the boxes can be recycled with general paper waste.