HORIVER – The winner catches ‘em all!

HORIVER – The winner catches ‘em all!

High-quality products for monitoring and trapping pests in a wide variety of crops. Horiver sticky traps make it possible to detect pests at an early stage, to then tackle them biologically. This avoids the unnecessary use of chemical agents.

'Horiver sticky traps have the best trapping capacity for over more than 20 years. Each player in the Horiver team has unique characteristics to target specific insects or use for even better monitoring results': Rick van der Pas, Sales manager Monitoring.

Find your best match

Each Horiver product has its specific characteristics. Find out which product is best for you.

Horiver Wetstick

  • Horiver is our trusted and high-quality trap
  • Monitors pest insects like whitefly, thrips and leaf miners.
  • Specially designed notch makes it easy to place in the crop
  • Grids that simplify counts

Horiver Drystick

  • Users might experience Horiver Drystick more user-friendly as glue leaves no staining
  • Effective for a number of pests, including thrips and sciarids.
  • Yellow card extremely attractive to the harmful bug Nesidiocoris tenuis

Horiver Disc

  • Designed to fit around the stem of a plant
  • Horiver Disc is ideal to trap pests active both above and below the ground
  • Traps root aphids and fungus gnats
  • Two attachment points for drip irrigation
  • Very suitable for cannabis cultivation

Each trap in the Horiver range can be delivered in one or multiple colours, each colour attracting its specific pest. The black traps for example are extremely attractive for Tuta absoluta while red traps show an above average efficacy on fruit flies.