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Date published: August 22, 2019

This ‘little hero’ comes standard with 50 years of experience

The nematode products of Koppert have a good market reputation for their effective performance. The products have become an inherent part of the crop protection of many growers and in many different crops. They are applied to combat a wide range of pests sustainably such as the pupae and larvae of thrips, the larvae of black vine weevil and several beetles, caterpillars, the larvae of sciarid flies and many others.

Nematodes are living organism that you can’t see with the naked eye, so great care and precision needs to go into the production of the ‘little hero’ nematodes. Many years of experience have gone into the selection, breeding and quality control of a specific range of these entomopathogenic or predatory nematodes that help to keep our fruit, vegetables and ornamental crops free of pests and residues. Koppert’s R&D Department has an ongoing drive to refine the production process, and its packaging and logistics departments ensure that the microscopic nematodes get to their destinations in good health, ready to carry out their valuable work in the crop or orchard.

Nematodes are often used as a stand-alone solution for specific pest problems, but they increasingly become a powerful part of IPM solutions together with other beneficial organisms; working together to either partly substitute, and sometimes replace the use of conventional pesticides, to manage pests that are extremely difficult to control and where chemicals fail.

Koppert consultants have extensive knowledge resources and global experience to find or develop effective solutions for the challenges growers face daily around the world.


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