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Date published: March 01, 2023

Active Pseudomonas registration successfully renewed in Europe for 15 years

Active Pseudomonas (chlororaphis) registration successfully renewed in Europe for 15 years

The active substance of our products Cerall, Cedomon and Cedress has been successfully renewed in Europe after a rigorous multiple-year process. The European Commission and the 27 Member States confirmed the registration renewal of this active substance, MA342, for the next 15 years, acknowledging its efficacy and safety both for the environment and EU consumers.

This way the biofungicide MA342 will be able to continue to replace synthetic pesticides and enable European growers to transition to more sustainable agriculture.

1.5 million litres of chemicals replaced
MA342 is a micro-organism used in both conventional and organic farming and is used as a biofungicide on more than 100,000 hectares for over 25 years across EU Member States.

The strain was selected by the University of Uppsala, in Sweden in 1989 and received an Annex I registration in 2004. It is known as the first European seed applied biofungicide. It was developed and marketed for several years by Lantmännen BioAgri under three different plant protection products; Cerall, Cedomon and Cedress. In 2016, Koppert acquired the MA342 strain and products.

Thanks to its application, it has safely replaced the use of approximately 1,5 million litres of chemical fungicides and is, as of today, the only reliable substitution for chemical seed treatment. MA 342 is a biocontrol agent that can be used as a seed treatment against several seed and soil borne diseases of cereal crops, peas and carrots.

Although the delay in the registration renewal meant that no registration extensions to other crops, diseases or countries were feasible, the product has experienced an increasing interest. The limited use of chemical fungicides and the increasing pressure to treat common bunt (tilletia caries) and Fusarium spp. are drivers for the intensified adoption of the product.

Biological crop protection in the EU
The renewal of MA342 comes at a critical moment for the transition towards biological crop protection in the EU, as the European Commission has recently published its proposal for the Sustainable Use Regulation of plant protection products that has set a reduction of 50% in the use and risk of chemical pesticides by 2030.

In collaboration with growers, we strive to expand the availability and use of this biofungicide. With the renewal of MA342, we continue our journey towards 100% sustainable agriculture.