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Date published: January 12, 2024

Easy application of Trianum with the Trianum-G tool

Soil-borne disease are a rapidly growing problem for many growers. Trianum continues to prove its efficacy to control these diseases in your greenhouse crop.
And with the Trianum-G tool it is now even easier to apply this unique biofungicide.

Trianum-G is a granular biofungicide based on the unique fungus Trichoderma harzianum T-22. It does not only protect your crop against soil-borne pathogens, but it also increases your plant’s resistance to stress caused by suboptimal conditions in nutrition, water and climate.

More accurate and efficient  

Trianum needs to be applied at the beginning of the crop cycle. By using the Trianum-G tool, planting hole treatments become easier and more accurate and efficient.

Discover how you can benefit from the Trianum-G tool in this video.

By applying Trianum-G as a plant-hole treatment, the fungus is applied at the perfect place. When the plants start to root in the rockwool slab, the roots are in direct contact with Trianum protecting the plant from soil-borne diseases directly at the start of the cultivation. In the beginning of the season, irrigation of the crop is often limited, which makes application of Trianum-P (wettable powder) difficult. A Trianum-G application on the plant hole gives an opportunity to apply Trianum without overwatering the crop.’

Supporting growers 

In our continuous quest for effective solutions, we collaborate closely with growers. Our goal is to develop solutions that are not only highly effective, but also easy to apply and implement into the growers’ crop strategy.

With a dedicated team, we consistently work with the valuable input we receive from growers.
The aim is to create solutions that simplify the application of biological crop protection.

The introduction of the Trianum-G tool is a nice example of this continuous quest and close collaboration all with the commitment to contribute to a safer and healthier agriculture.