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Date published: November 18, 2021

Next generation to lead family business Koppert

BERKEL EN RODENRIJS – Koppert Biological Systems will be welcoming the next generation of leaders for the first time in over twenty years. CEOs Paul Koppert and Henri Oosthoek and CFO Robert Pathuis of the biological crop protection company will hand over the reins on 1 January 2022, after which the five other Board members will be in charge of the family company.

René Koppert has been appointed CEO, Joram Oosthoek will become CFO, Martin Koppert will become Chief Business Officer (CBO) for agriculture, René Ruiter will be in the same role of CBO for horticulture, and Peter Maes will become Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

‘The Executive Board is proud to be taking over the leadership of the company. As a family business, we are focused on the long term and think in terms of generations. We will continue to create the company’s future together, to safeguard our core values and – above all – to continue to work towards our vision and make a positive impact on agriculture,’ says the future CEO, René Koppert.

Paul Koppert, Henri Oosthoek, and Robert Pathuis will step down from their day-to-day management duties but will continue to support the company in strategic matters and special projects. In cooperation with former board member Peter Koppert and board adviser John Budé a supervisory board will be formed in the near future. This newly formed supervisory board will assist the board in achieving the ambitions of the family business.

With offices in thirty countries and a turnover of around 300 million euros, Koppert is world market leader in biological crop protection. The succession within the family business has been carefully prepared. New members joined the board in 2018, bringing the total number to eight members, in order to transfer responsibilities in a natural way and to safeguard the valuable experience, continuity and customer interests.

Paul Koppert, Henri Oosthoek, and Robert Pathuis look back with gratitude at how the company has developed in the past half century: ‘We’re immensely proud of our employees and grateful for the trust of our customers. They are the reason our company was able to grow from its status as a pioneer to bringing our natural solutions in 100 countries nowadays. For more than fifty years, we have been researching, formulating, and introducing biological solutions that have been available to us since their creation.’

The global need for more sustainable food production is increasing; it calls for more biological and natural growing conditions that are also more productive, safer, and healthier. Together with our partners around the world, we are restoring the natural balance in agriculture and horticulture,’ says Paul Koppert.

‘What has made Koppert succesful is our pioneering spirit, long-term vision, and the perseverance of the people who believe in our mission to improve the health of people and the planet in partnership with nature. With the same dedication, we will continue to work towards our ultimate goal: 100% sustainable agriculture and horticulture worldwide,’ says Henri Oosthoek.