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Date published: December 11, 2023

Simplifying and enhancing your crop protection

Challenging times require challenging solutions. At IPM Essen and Fruit Logistica we will show our latest innovations designed to simplify and enhance your crop protection.

Ease of use

We continuously build our knowledge and improve our processes, products and services to exceed our customers' expectations and to provide solutions with maximum effectiveness. When developing new products, we listen to our growers and take into account aspects such as convenience and labor savings. Both important in these challenging times when labor is harder to find and costs are rising.

In the stand we will show our latest innovations, developed to efficiently tackle pest and disease challenges and allowing growers to work more efficiently and ease their tasks in these demanding times.

Such as our latest innovation Mirical, whose revolutionary packaging simplifies application and maximizes whitefly control. The packaging is the release system in the same time, providing better shelter for the predatory bugs during transport and making the product easier to apply and exacter to dose.

Spidex Vital Plus, available in a high-tech, slow-release sachet, gives the trusted natural solution for destructive spider mites a defensive strategy and prolonged action that makes it even more effective. The increased security that Spidex Vital Plus provides means that growers have more time to focus on other areas of their work. The sachet application is more time efficient, which offers potential savings on labour.

Beneficial nematodes can be used to tackle a broad spectrum of pests in top and stone fruits, like apples and peaches, potatoes, and outdoor vegetables as onions, asparagus, and beans. Caterpillars from the oriental fruit moth or codling moth, wireworms, root flies or thrips, they are a festive meal for our nematodes. Easy to use, nematode suspensions can be dispersed using spraying/irrigation systems most commonly used in agriculture: airblast sprayer, boom sprayer and others.

Our dedicated research teams are continuously working on optimizing our products. This has led to a newly optimized Mycotal product with an improved quality and shelf life. With the introduction of this new generation Mycotal, we ensure that growers continue to benefit from the highest quality and best performing biological crop protection solution against whitefly and thrips in many in indoor vegetables, ornamentals and soft fruit.

Monitoring and trapping

The success of integrated or biological pest management depends heavily on the knowledge of the pests present and on the correct use of natural enemies. Koppert therefore considers the continuous development of monitoring and application techniques as a priority. Now that Koppert has these technologies in-house, we also have the flexibility to find and design the best solutions. Join us to see our new branding, get informed about all the possibilities and give us feedback for refining the most effective technologies.

Visit us at IPM Essen and Fruit Logistica

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