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Date published: February 17, 2020

The third annual congress ‘Landbouw Zonder Chemie – Hoe Dan? Congresses will be held on 27 February at KBV


Reducing the use of pesticides is high on the political agenda and has become a public issue, but what are the alternatives and to what extent does Plant Health play a role?

In response to the United Nations’ Year of Plant Health, this year’s ‘Landbouw Zonder Chemie – Hoe Dan?’ (Agriculture Without Chemistry – How?) Annual Congress will be dedicated to Plant Health. Organized by Foodlog and hosted by Koppert, the congress will be opened by Member of the European Parliament for Groenlinks, Bas Eickhout.

Plant Health forms the basis for food production without the use of chemical agents. It’s no wonder that the United Nations has proclaimed 2020 The International Year of Plant Health!
The third annual congress ‘Landbouw Zonder Chemie – Hoe Dan?’ looks at the ecological opportunities, explores legal barriers, and examines the commercial challenges that form part of the transition to sustainable practices and circular horticulture and agriculture. These issues will be discussed on the basis of three themes:

Prevention: Plant Health involves genetics, the soil and the environment. How does a grower avoid the use of chemical agents?

Medicine chest: Crop protection products, sustainable and chemical, are options. Changes in legislation must ensure that the medicine chest will not be empty.

Chain formation: From grower to plate, from land to shop shelf, from farm to fork. How do you connect retailers and other commercial channels with the grower?

For the full program visit this link.

‘The congress remains a unique setting where we connect the full value chain from politics to growers and consumers. We have to keep on pushing for better fitting regulation for faster market access.’, says Evert Hamblok, Regulatory Manager of Koppert. ‘With this congress we increase the demand and build trust’.

This congress is intended for everyone who is active in the food chain. We expect over 100 participants this day, from crop protection specialists, developers and producers of ecological/biological control products and agricultural mechanization, to policymakers and consultants (authorities and agencies), admission and enforcement authorities, farmers, horticulturists, livestock breeders, retailers and consumers.

Practical information
Thursday, 27 February, Koppert Biological Systems, Veilingweg 14, Berkel and Rodenrijs, registration 9.30 am, start at 10.00 am precisely, end of networking drinks at 6 pm.