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Date published: January 08, 2024

Unveiling new packaging designs for Horiver sticky trap portfolio  

After the successful rebranding of our natural enemies, microorganisms, and pollination products during the first half of 2023, it is now our sticky trap product range that will enjoy a total makeover. The sticky traps are available on the market under the well-known Horiver brand.   

Eye-catching pattern 

The new Horiver design features an eye-catching pattern that incorporates a zoom-in effect, emphasizing the capturing and monitoring functionalities of the product. ‘The transparent upper part in the packaging now also showcases the hanging device for easy application,’ says Product Manager Rick van der Pas. ‘This design perfectly aligns with the positioning of Horiver in the market, focusing on the highest efficacy, user friendliness and extended performance. As our Rollertraps fit perfectly into the sticky trap portfolio, they will also carry the Horiver brand on the packaging.’  

Horiver sticky traps   

Among the widely adopted products in the Horiver range are sticky cards and Rollertraps. Horiver sticky cards make it possible to detect pests at an early stage, to then tackle them biologically. This avoids the unnecessary use of chemical agents. Moreover, by regularly conducting counts, it becomes clear when pests enter the greenhouse, how they develop, and when a population will peak. In this way the grower is better prepared for potential threats. Rollertraps, sticky ribbons strategically placed in hot spots or areas with high pest pressure, efficiently trap a broad spectrum of pest insects. Tailored to different pests, our extended range of sticky traps features pest-specific colours for enhanced efficacy and proven results.  


As these products are stocked throughout the distribution chain, the actual appearance of the products in new (packaging) designs will vary per market.