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Date published: September 07, 2021

Koppert launches new range of insect traps


Koppert Biological Systems has expanded its Horiver sticky trap range with 4 new traps for monitoring and trapping pests like aphids, leaf miners, whiteflies, thrips and other harmful insects in a wide variety of crops.

‘The all-rounder Horiver continues to be the card with the best trapping capacity for more than 20 years. Still one of Koppert’s best-selling products today, it was time to further professionalize this tool to offer a more specialized selection of sticky traps to the increasingly professional horticulture and agriculture sectors,’ says Koppert Sales and Product Manager, Rick van der Pas. ‘With this new range of Horiver traps we can target specific insects for even better monitoring results.’

Horiver’s sticky traps make it possible to detect pests at an early stage, to then tackle them biologically. This avoids the unnecessary use of chemical agents. Moreover, by regularly conducting counts, it becomes clear when pests enter the greenhouse, how they develop, and when a population will reach its peak. In this way the grower is better prepared for potential threats.

Koppert will retain its all-rounder Horiver trap that gives the best results for catching multiple pests. The sticky card is the result of continuous research and development and has a firm place in the new Horiver range as a generalist. It monitors pest insects like whitefly, thrips, and leaf miner. A specially designed notch makes it easy to place in the crop. It is available in several colours as different pests are attracted to different colours.

New specialized sticky traps

Depending on colour, the Horiver Wet sticky trap has been designed specifically for the monitoring of adult aphids, whitefly, thrips, Tuta absoluta, fruit flies and sciarids. Its ultra-sticky glue provides large sticky surfaces and capturing capacity. It has a proven above-average score for catching whitefly.

As the glue on the Horiver Dry sticky trap leaves no staining, users might experience this card more user-friendly. Depending on colour, it is effective for a number of pests, including thrips and sciarids. The yellow card is extremely attractive to the harmful Nesidiocoris bug.

Round in shape, Horiver Disc has been designed to fit around the stem of a plant – ideal to trap pests active both above and below the ground. It has been specially adapted to trap root aphids and fungus gnats and has two attachment points for drip irrigation. It is very suitable for cannabis cultivation.

With its large sticky surface area, Horiver Delta has glue on both sides of the card and can be folded into a large trap. Apply a pheromone dispenser to the inside of this trap and pests can be caught on both surfaces of this trap designed for flying insects.

The new range is available as of 7 September.

For more information you can visit the Horiver product page.