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Date published: January 21, 2016

Intelligent Pest Management is as close as your mobile phone

Pest and disease management is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to successful agriculture. Sustainable biological solutions leader, Koppert Biological Systems, recently completed tests for a digital tool that records and analyzes problems in the field.

Developed by the Koppert subsidiary in the United States two years ago, the app uses today’s innovative technology and consists of two components; a scout app with an intuitive interface, and an online dashboard. While the scout app allows growers to introduce data directly, the dashboard gives insights into pest issues for analysis of the problem, treatment and management.

Report – visualize - manage
The Koppert iPM features 3 modules: a mapping module with custom designed maps and scouting templates for both indoor and outdoor production systems; a graphing module to track the development of pests and diseases and evaluate the efficacy of treatments; and a treatment module for chemical, biological or cultural treatments.

Launched in the United States, the iPM app has more recently been successfully tested in a number of European countries where it has been well received.

An all-in-one tool in your pocket
Growers can use the app for centralized data storage that is accessible from anywhere in the field. Raw data can be stored and manipulated for further analysis. The scout data is now downloadable for offline use by customers. Maps and templates are customized for any scouting technique and crop. The app is an all-in-one tool designed to connect scouting, analysis, treatment and management.

Koppert iPM scouting software helps to reduce costs by giving an accurate insight into pesticide efficacy and optimized timing of biological applications, and increases the efficacy of the control agents, thereby reducing the need for pesticides and promoting crop health and yield.

At this stage, it is only suitable for iOS platforms, but the development of an android version is in progress.

User info:
App: Download ‘Koppert iPM’ in the App store
Dashboard: Online through
Username: DemoUser Password: ipmguest

iPM Dashboard is a tailor-made management system for which a subscription is required. For a personal log-in contact your Koppert advisor or distributor.