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Date published: February 04, 2019

Koppert at Fruit Logistica – join us on the road to a healthy future

In the market for fruit and vegetables clean, safe and sustainable produce is absolute priority. As a preferred partner in the chain for biological crop protection and natural pollination, we are pleased to help every company within the supply chain to meet the market’s requirements.

All buyers – trading companies and retailers – want to have lowest possible residue level on their fruit and vegetables. More and more growers are therefore looking for solutions in integrated cultivation methods or even fully biological cultivation methods. Koppert aims to cooperate with all companies in the chain, and support them on their road to a healthy future. Koppert’s biological systems enables traders, retailers and growers to tailor production precisely to the market’s requirements and helps them to create added value for their customer. Companies that supply clean and natural products will gain the market’s confidence and assurances for their future!

Koppert operates by making best use of the power of nature;

Plant health
o stimulate soil life and create balance
o strengthen plants and promote growth
o increase plant resilience
o natural enemies and microorganisms to control pests and diseases
o monitoring, luring, and mass trapping of pests
Natural pollination
o bumblebees enhance fruit formation, produce and quality

Kopperts holistic approach – combining solutions with advice and knowledge is key for success. Growers need to learn how to work with our products. That's why advise is a key element and that’s why we offer growers intensive guidance. This helps create a robust, integrated system, and the success of the crop becomes significantly more certain.

Meet us at Fruit Logistica
The developments on the fruit and vegetable shelves are taking place particularly quickly.
Koppert would be delighted to welcome you to our stand at Fruit Logistica, where we would be more than happy to explain what we could do for you. Join us on the road to a healthy future!

Hall 1.2 – stand D-10

Partners with Nature
We must reduce the use of chemical crop protection agents, reduce the use of fertilizers, and achieve higher yields of better quality products if we are going to be able to continue to feed the world. Koppert intends to make a contribution to this, in the broad sense, together with our customers and other parties in the chain. Koppert has expressed this "drive" in their mission: Koppert contributes to better health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, we make agriculture healthier, safer, and more productive. This is summarized in the motto: Partners with Nature.'