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Date published: September 02, 2016

Koppert Brazil receives MasterCana Award

The MasterCana Award has been awarded for Koppert Brazil’s contribution to the sugar cane industry. The ProCana Group, an information centre for Brazil’s sugar energy industry, presented the award at a ceremony in the city of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, on 22 August.

The event brings together the largest representatives in the sugar cane industry; business leaders, suppliers, banks and brokers. The award was presented for the 28th year and is a recognition of agricultural performance in either the manufacturing, technological, socio-economic, sustainability and environmental sectors of the sugar energy industry. The long-standing award is seen as a seal of credibility in Brazil.

‘Koppert Brazil is honoured to receive this award,’ says Communications and Marketing Coordinator of Koppert Brazil, Jaqueline Antonia. ‘For us this recognition is, above all, a result of customer satisfaction, the dedication of our employees, and the support of our partners.’

Brazil is the largest producer of sugar cane in the world, with more than 632 million tons of sugar cane harvested per year (season 2014/2015). It is also the largest sugar producer with 36 million tons produced in the 2014/2015 cycle. Globally, this represents 20% of production and 40% of global exports. The country is also the second largest producer of ethanol fuel (after the United States). In 2014/2015 the production volume reached 28 billion litres.
(Source: Única - Union Sugarcane Industry)

Photo: Koppert Brazil’s Jaqueline Antonia and Caê Ramos, accept the MasterCana Award from the President of Procana, Josias Messias.