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Date published: April 26, 2017

Koppert introduces Natupol Fly

Easy to transport
‘We have used selected certified wood chips that are dust-free, sterile and odor absorbent. This keeps the pupae separate which has an amazing effect in stabilizing the temperature in the tube. In fact, we are now so confident about the packaging that all types of drastic measures previously used to cool the packaging during transport can now be skipped,’ Jeroen explains. ‘Moreover, the end-user now has the choice to store the package for a few extra days at low temperatures, or let it develop a bit further in the packaging at room temperature. The emergence of the flies is therefore much easier to control during transportation and under different storage conditions.’

Natupol flies are popular with seed producers in the Netherlands and many of the changes were made in response to growers’ feedback about problems in the past. ‘I am confident that the new content and packaging have resulted in an improved product and the trials have been successful.’ Jeroen says the new Natupol Fly product can be transported over much larger distances and hopes this useful pollinator will be used by growers in other parts of the world.

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Introduced to complement its robust bumblebee pollinators, the common green bottle fly, Lucilia sericata, is a more gentle pollinator geared to do its job in crops that cover a small area or produce little pollen.

Koppert’s R&D expert on fly pollinators, Jeroen van Schelt, says trials with different types of packaging have resulted in a cardboard tube in which the pupae are mixed with a special sawdust to ensure it reaches its destination in top condition. ‘It represents a huge improvement and successfully keeps temperature and moisture levels stable. The specially formulated sawdust keeps the pupae separated so that the flies emerge when the growers need them.

Formerly known as ‘Natufly’, this useful pollinator now comes in special packaging which makes it more stable and easier to transport. The new yellow label also brings it in line with the whole Natupol range of pollination products.