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Date published: December 15, 2016

Koppert offers a new service: extra potential for the improvement of crop protection

Koppert is providing its clients with a new service: the analysis of samples of pests and beneficials. This service allows growers to make use of an incredibly useful tool. The results of the analysis will enable them to refine and improve their crop protection methods.

Koppert hired Anton van der Linden especially for this new service. Van der Linden is a highly experienced entomologist who worked as a researcher at Wageningen UR for many years. According to Van der Linden, ‘it is important for growers to keep themselves informed about the state of their crops in terms of infestation levels and the biological control of pests. Scouting and sticky trap counts do not always give an accurate representation. In these cases, our determinations can help growers.’

Greater insight, more success
This includes questions such as determining the infestation levels of thrips, leaf miners specie, assessing the activities of beneficials, calculating which predatory mite has the strongest population numbers, or establishing which type of beneficial is the most effective when multiple beneficials are deployed against one type of pest. ‘By providing answers to these questions, growers have greater insight in their approach and are able to improve their success rate as a result. Everyone benefits from correct data.’

Fast-working and competitive
To date, samples of leaf miners, mites, and other insects can be analysed. This includes the analysis of leaf samples, and rinse samples.
The speed at which Koppert conducts laboratory research is one of our main strengths and Koppert has a reputation for working faster than other laboratories. Results should be available within seven working days. An emergency analysis service is available if necessary.
The costs of analysis are highly competitive. You will only pay €150 for an analysis.

The benefits of regular measurements
Many growers are already familiar with this service, including clients specializing in chrysanthemum and rose crops. These clients require up-to-date overviews of infestation levels and biological control. Their crops are closely monitored through regular sample analysis and the advantages that this service provides for growers is clear. Growers can now take the necessary measures to control infestation levels much quicker and prevent a pest from getting out of hand and require chemical intervention to get back under control. This is positive for the product and the market position of the client.

Tips for growers
Anton van der Linden is an entomologist through and through. He has been working in the laboratory at Koppert for some time now and has a few tips for growers who would like to make use of the new service provided by Koppert. ‘Always send a fresh sample or a sample preserved in alcohol. Fill in your exact request on the sample form. Do you require only a species identification or would you also like an analysis of the numbers? From which crop is the sample? With this information we can work with greater focus and speed. If there are any questions, these have to be passed from the consultant to the grower and the information has to be conveyed back again. These types of delays can be eliminated if the information provided is complete.’

More information
Contact your local Koppert consultant for more information and the possibilities in your country.