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Date published: February 08, 2016

Koppert present and sponsor of Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) in Abu Dhabi

A leader in innovative pest control solutions, pollination, and soil and seed enhancement, Koppert Biological Systems will be attending the GFIA in Abu Dhabi next week to promote alternatives to chemical crop protection and artificial fertilizers.

The GFIA conference will highlight sustainable initiatives that have been developed and deployed globally, and demonstrate the various investment opportunities that are now available in this sector.
‘It is becoming increasingly important to ensure future food safety and security and this is an excellent forum to promote the urgent need for sustainable alternatives for this sector’s problems, says Kopperts Business Unit Manager for MEA, Yosef Ouhlous.

Adaptations for the Middle East
This is the second year the company will be attending as partners of the GFIA. ‘This is an important region when it comes to producing food with less input but higher yields and quality,’ says Export Manager MENA & India, Yassin Lahiani. ‘The experience gained in Mediterranean regions such as Spain and Morocco are already being applied in the Middle East. We have adapted many of our products for more arid conditions and hotter climates in order to help growers to fulfil the ever growing demand for organic produce in the Gulf region.’

‘New product ‘Panoramix’
Koppert has successfully launched its new biological seed treatment product in many countries. ‘Panoramix gives young plants a good start and makes them more resistant, even in dry conditions,’ Yosef Ouhlous explains. ‘The Middle East regions can truly benefit from the beneficial properties of this product.’ Panoramix was recently registered in Saudi Arabia. The product will be promoted at the GFIA and consultants will be on hand to explain how it works at stand D105.