Category: News
Date published: October 20, 2016

Koppert showcases its climate-smart solutions

A delegation from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and members of the GACSA (Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture) visited Koppert headquarters earlier this month to discuss the transformation in agriculture around the world.

The visit which took place at Berkel & Rodenrijs in the Netherlands on 12 October, focused on the innovative biological and microbiological solutions Koppert has developed in the field of resilient cultivation, pest control, pollination and seed treatment. The delegation showed interest in Koppert’s mission to explore and unlock natural solutions ‘in partnership with nature’. Koppert increasingly presents itself as a knowledge company.

'Koppert believes that although the agricultural value chain welcomes climate-smart agriculture, many entities lack the requisite climate-smart expertise. The company believes it can play a pivotal role as a thought-leader whose strong partnerships across the agricultural space can be used for frank and productive dialogues on climate-smart issues,' GACSA reported on its website: