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Date published: December 15, 2016

Koppert to lead the Brazilian Association of Biological Control Companies

‘Improving the credibility of biological solutions for agriculture and horticulture in Brazil is high on the agenda of ABCBio,’ says the newly elected President of the association, Gustavo Herrmann, Commercial Director at Koppert Brazil.

The Brazilian Association of Biological Control Companies, was founded in 2007 with the objective of bringing together companies in this sector, both manufacturers and traders of organic products, and seeking to modernize and professionalize the sector. There are currently 24 companies represented by the association that include BASF, Biocontrol, Ihara, Promip and Stoller, among others.

‘The biological sector in Brazil is not mature yet and there are several companies producing irregular products based on fungi, bacteria and other organisms,’ says Herrmann. ‘Now that Koppert is on the ABCBio board, we will be fighting illegal biopesticides and developing programs to improve the image of the sector.’

ABCBio is currently running two programs in this regard; the Conformity Program, in which the association promotes clearer labelling of fertilizers and biocontrol agents to avoid confusion; and a programme that supports biocontrol companies with their regulatory requirements.

‘The challenges are huge, but we believe that Koppert can lead the development of this important sector for sustainable agriculture in Brazil; not only through its own activities in this country, but by leading the association to bring results to the whole market,’ Herrmann concludes.