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Date published: January 13, 2021

Noli registred in Israel


The registration for the fungal biocontrol product Noli, used to control harmful plant diseases like Botrytis and Monilinia, has been reactivated in Israel thanks to the joint efforts of one of the leading distributors in Israel, Lidorr Elements, and Koppert Biological Systems. The first commercial shipment is planned for the first quarter of 2021.

Discovered by isolating the natural yeast found in a vineyard by Prof. Samir Droby and his colleagues at the Volcani Center in Israel, Noli (Metschnikowia fructicola NRRL Y-27328) is known for its effective biocontrol qualities and works through the rapid colonization of the fruit or blossom surfaces. Especially small injuries in the fruit and blossom are potential infection sites for pathogenic fungi like Botrytis and Monilinia to develop. The nutrients such as sugars on fruit are a perfect feeding source for them. Noli makes use of the same nutrients as the pathogens but develops faster, outcompeting the pathogens for both space and food.

Noli used to be marketed under the name of ‘Shemer’ in Israel but has been missing from the market since the expiration of the license agreement. Koppert has acquired the product and renamed it “Noli”. Lidorr Elements and Koppert joined forces so that the registration of the product could be restored in Israel. Koppert’s Product Manager Pieter Oosters: ‘Reactivating the registration for this product in Israel is a great step forward. It does not only give a lot of opportunities in Israel itself but also paves the road for applications on other crops and registration in additional countries. Currently, we are exploring the options for Noli as a post-harvest application. Lidorr Elements' Regulatory Affairs & Product Development Manager Dr. Ofir Naot adds: "The re-registration of Noli in Israel is great news for Israeli farmers. We are happy to provide access to this product and will continue in our mission to bring best-in-class innovative products to market."

Another interesting development being investigated by researchers at the Volcani Center, Lidorr and Koppert is Noli's efficacy against Aspergillus internal rot that infects the date palm fruit during blossoming. Results of field trials in three consecutive years are very promising.