Category: News
Date published: December 17, 2020

The Netherlands acquires a registration extension for Trianum-G for an increasing number of crops


In line with strengthening our outdoor portfolio, a so called ‘minor use’ request to the Dutch Board for the Authorization of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (CTGB) was sent in by the Regulatory Affairs team to extend the current label of Trianum-G for Witloof Chicory (roots), First year bulb onion, Silverskin onion and Picklers for Fusarium spp., Rhizoctonia spp. and Pythium spp. The request was granted at the end of last month!

Trianum-G (active Trichoderma harzianum T22) is a granulate biofungicide for the suppression of soil-borne pathogens. It can be applied via growing media or by placement in the planting hole prior to transplanting into the final cropping situation. Trianum-G protects plants against infection by soil-borne pathogens via the root system. This beneficial fungus performs well under various environmental conditions. It outcompetes plant pathogenic fungi for space and nutrients, colonizing the plant roots ahead of the pathogens.


Frank Druyff

Frank Druyff, agri consultant, is excited about this 'extra tool' for farmers that has proven itself over the past years. A good start is essential for crops like these and Trianum-G is able to ensure this. The Dutch growers of set-onion, for example, lack a (chemical) product against Fusarium at the moment. Product Manager Pieter Oosters adds: 'This extension will expand our knowledge in these specific disease-crop-product combinations which can be used worldwide and can also be an important driver for sending in similar minor use requests to other countries.'