Diaspis boisduvalii

Boisduval scale


These three species of Diaspis are very similar in their appearance and damage symptoms. Here, the Boisduval scale is described in more detail, as it is the most important one. The Boisduval scale, Diaspis boisduvalii, occurs throughout the tropics, and in greenhouses in more temperate climates. It is very polyphagous and can be a pest of orchids, palms, pineapples, bananas and many other plants.

Life cycle and appearance of Boisduval scale

Females are white to light yellow, thin and semi-transparent, approximately 1.2-2.2 mm in diameter and circular or oval. The cast skins of the nymph form a light yellow spot near the centre of the scale called the exuvium.

Adult females can produce up to 200 eggs and live up to seven months. Eggs hatch within five to seven days under the scale and become crawlers. The crawlers move out to look for a suitable place to feed and become sessile usually after a few hours The development from egg to the adult stage takes on average 33 days for males, and 50 days for females.

How to get rid of Boisduval scale