100% Sustainable Agriculture

100% Sustainable Agriculture

Our experience

A healthy future, that's quite a challenge. Growing a resilient crop takes expert knowledge and a great deal of experience! Growing in a sustainable manner with respect for our future generations makes it even more challenging.

You are not alone: Koppert wants to help you find the right solutions. We are a family business and the global market leader in developing sustainable solutions against diseases and pests for decades. We tackle these with biostimulants, beneficial nematodes, natural enemies, fungi, and bacteria. In short: natural solutions that contribute to a healthy, safe, resilient and productive crop. All this with the aim of achieving sustainable food production for a healthy planet. Partners with nature, that is the guiding principle in everything we do!

Pioneering is not new to Koppert. In fact, it’s in our DNA. Fifty years ago our founder was the first to introduce a natural enemy to combat spider mite in horticulture. In doing so, he laid the foundation for today’s Koppert, providing alternative products for chemical pesticides. Now Koppert’s third generation is introducing this valuable legacy of knowledge and experience to the field of Agriculture.


Working together with farmers

We look at the problems at hand with fresh and experienced eyes. All this enables us to develop targeted natural solutions for the challenges you face as a modern farmer. This approach is bearing fruit: farmers around the world are now working with natural products from our range. Of course, we do not develop these products on our own: our R&D department is constantly testing them in the field together with you. Only with the help of your knowledge and experience can we move forward to develop the very best biological solutions that help you grow a resilient crop, now and in the future.

Our product portfolio and holistic approach to crop health and resilience is unique; it offers an integrated approach to today’s progressive farmers.

With the combination of the right macro- and microbiological solutions, we will guide you step by step using sustainable alternatives in a world that demands produce that is free of chemical residues and crops that are grown sustainably and promote vital biodiversity. In Partnership with Nature.

Share your growing challenges!

Share your challenges with us, so we can see if we can provide a solution to your problem right now or in the near future. Let's learn together.

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