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Date published: December 19, 2023

Koppert to introduce digital assistant in 2024

What began in a greenhouse and has journeyed into the field, is entering the digital domain. For over 50 years, we have been pushing agricultural innovation with natural solutions, smart application devices and automated monitoring and scouting tools. In 2024, we are taking the next step with the introduction of a digital assistant.

Koppert's new digital assistant will combine the best of the digital and physical worlds, with around-the-clock access to a world of knowledge and support from a Koppert expert just a click of a button away. 'Through our conversations with growers, we are able to provide the right solution for their crop protection challenges. We are embracing digital technologies to make those conversations available 24/7,’ says Gabriel van der Kruijk, Digital Transformation Manager at Koppert.

A powerful tool

The digital assistant lets you tap into the knowledge you need to make better decisions, explains Van der Kruijk. ‘To start a conversation, simply explain what you are looking for – like a solution for a specific pest or instructions on how to use our products – and get an answer almost instantly. The more specific your prompt, the more relevant the response. For example, weather conditions can matter when using our products. If you specify that it is cold and overcast, it will take this information into consideration. The digital assistant is trained on vast amounts of data, from product data to biological and ecological data, which makes it an excellent tool for both the new Koppert customer and the experienced biological grower. Our consultants benefit too, as no person could possibly retain all the knowledge that we have collected over the years.’

Natural language processing and generative AI

The digital assistant uses a natural language processing model to interpret the question and a generative AI model to deliver the answer in a ChatGPT-like fashion. ‘Like ChatGPT, it can handle complex conversations and generate easy-to-understand responses,’ says Van der Kruijk. ‘Growers can also choose to share their own data, for example their Koppert order history and scouting data, for an even more personalised experience. This combination can provide a strong foundation for a data-driven integrated pest management (IPM) strategy.'

Coming to a trade show near you

Like all Koppert solutions, the digital assistant will be thoroughly tested and trialled in the real world. To that end, Koppert's digital team is partnering with growers. Van der Kruijk: 'We are bringing our demo to trade shows throughout 2024 to solicit feedback from the public, and we are conducting validation testing with our consultants and with a select group of customers. The goal is to learn from their experience, so that we can continue to improve our digital solutions.’

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