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Date published: October 03, 2022

New Larvanem formulation with excellent dissolvability

New Larvanem formulation with excellent dissolvability 

Our nematode products, Larvanem and Sportnem-H, are now available in a new formulation. The composition of the carrier material has been entirely changed with a new formulation based on 100% biodegradable formulants. The new formulation has the advantage of being much easier to dissolve making it fully compatible with the available spraying/irrigation systems in the market, including Dosatron. 

Larvanem and Sportnem-H are the last products in the Koppert nematode portfolio to switch to this new formulation. In 2020 the nematode Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae based products became available in this new formulation.

Continued outstanding performance 
‘Users will not easily notice the change based on the look & feel of the new formulation, except for the bags in the outer box which have a different colour now, namely green’ says Product Manager, Cyrille Verdun.  The formulation still: 

… looks the same, is powder-like, and becomes a gel once water is added.  
… leaves no residue  
… has the same efficacy!  

Correct application is crucial 
It remains crucial that nematodes are applied correctly to reach the required effectivity. For all our products how-to-use videos are available on our website.