Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Increasing our positive impact, reducing our negative impact

Climate change mitigation 

At the core of our sustainability initiative lies a commitment to environmental stewardship. Recognizing the interconnectedness of ecosystems, we prioritize climate resilient agriculture practices. By offering natural solutions, we mitigate the use of harmful chemicals and reduce pollution, thereby preserving the integrity of our ecosystems.

Our efforts extend to climate change mitigation through the reduction of energy consumption and emissions throughout the supply chain. By embracing sustainable energy sources and implementing emission reduction strategies, we contribute to global efforts to combat climate change and safeguard the health of our planet for future generations.

Biodiversity conservation

Preserving biodiversity is paramount to the resilience and sustainability of agricultural ecosystems. Our products originate from nature, work with nature and setting up natural, highly functional and healthy horti and agro-ecosystems. Furthermore, our commitment to biodiversity extends to fostering healthy soil ecosystems, which serve as the foundation of resilient and sustainable agriculture.

We are committed to adhere to regulations regarding the prevention of invasive species introduction into natural environments and promote biodiversity.

Pollution reduction

Addressing pollution in all its forms is fundamental to our sustainability agenda. Through our natural solutions, growers worldwide can minimize the environmental impact of agricultural activities, and reduce pesticide use while safeguarding human health and ecosystem integrity.

We are dedicated to eliminating the presence of microplastics in our products.

Additionally, we keep reducing our resource outflows, such as waste and ensuring responsible stewardship of natural resources for future generations.


Leading the way in sustainability

Edwin Muijt, Sustainability Officer at Koppert, has been at the forefront of the company's sustainability initiatives for the past five years. He is leading the company's initiatives in measuring the reducion of pesticide use at growers and expanding sustainability efforts at the company. With the Future Forward sustainability strategy, he emphasizes the importance of collective contributions from all Koppert employees to enhance positive impacts and mitigate negative ones in Koppert's sustainability journey.