What are aphids?

Aphids form a single, very large group of insects: the super- family Aphidoidea, belonging to the order Hemiptera. The aphids discussed here all belong to the family Aphididae, a family containing many species that cause damage in cultivated crops. The most significant aphids that occur in greenhouses are: 

  • Myzus persicae subsp. persicae (peach potato aphid) and Myzus persicae subsp. nicotianae (tobacco aphid) on various vegetable and ornamental crops. 
  • Aphis gossypii (cotton aphid), mainly on Cucurbitaceae, but also on chrysanthemums, and sweet pepper. 
  • Macrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid), mainly on Solanaceae and various ornamental crops. 
  • Aulacorthum solani (glasshouse potato aphid), mainly on Solanaceae and various ornamental crops, e.g. begonia. 

Life cycle of aphids

Aphid species


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