Category: Press release
Date published: June 12, 2019

Plant Empowerment: Sustainable Growing Foundation


Growers who apply Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE) in their cultivation strategy are getting great results, hence this sustainable concept deserves to be disseminated worldwide. Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Svensson, Hortilux, Saint-Gobain Cultilene, Koppert Biological Systems and initiator have started a partnership to make growers, advisors and investors globally familiar with this concept. The board of direction of ‘Plant Empowerment: Sustainable Growing Foundation’ has officially signed for setting up a foundation during GreenTech 2019.

The board of direction consist of Arne van Aalst (Koppert), Bonny Heeren (Cultilene), Marcel Nouel (Svensson), Martin Helmich (Hoogendoorn), Michèl de Wit (Hortilux) and Peter Hendriks ( The joint companies know that the GPE-philosophy, conceived by writers and researchers Peter Geelen, Peter van Weel and Jan Voogt, works! That is why they will spread, apply and develop the GPE-concept together worldwide. By applying this data driven concept, it will become possible for growers to gain a larger production with a higher quality in a sustainable manner. Next to this, plagues and diseases will be reduced to a minimum.

“With the start of this foundation, we are taking the next step with Plant Empowerment: we want to help growers and their advisors worldwide improving their cultivation process according to this data driven concept. This way we help them to achieve better results in a sustainable manner.” – Peter Hendriks (chairman of Plant Empowerment: Sustainable Growing Foundation).

Growers and advisors from, but not restricted to, Canada, the USA, China, Russia, France and Poland are actively applying the GPE-concept. Even more countries are joining daily. The companies behind the foundation are developing hard- and software for growers and advisors that make it easy for followers of GPE to apply the concept. Together the joint companies organize webinars and seminars (both nationally as well as internationally) with only one goal: globally sharing knowledge and demonstrating how GPE should be applied in practice. In other words: the foundation delivers a total package of solutions to help growers and advisors gain the best results in their cultivation.

The concept offers the right handlebars to gain better results and to manage and control large cultivation areas the right way.

What is GPE?

GPE is a new integral approach for cultivating greenhouse horticultural crops. The GPE-concept is based on a combination of both physical and physiological principles, instead of just experience and ‘green fingers’. The goal of GPE is to optimize the growth of a plant by supporting the plant to keep its energy, water and assimilates in balance.