Category: News
Date published: December 21, 2017

A new formulation for Spical-Plus

A good start of the new year

Research has shown that a modified formulation of Spical-Plus results in a more robust product. The formulation brings particular advantages in longer logistical processes during which changing external climatic conditions could have an effect on product performance. Due to this improvement, the performance in the field is further enhanced, and the predatory mites get to work straight after introduction. Trials with the newly modified formulation have been performed in various countries, including Spain and Mexico, with promising results.

We have made no changes to the predatory mite. The modification only affects the formulation of the carrier material. Our advice to use the product immediately after receipt remains unchanged. Product manager Tim Bossinga explains: ‘We are dealing with live material. The management of the logistical process is something that sets Koppert apart from competitors. However, that doesn't change the fact that natural enemies simply have a relatively short life span. That's why we recommend that the product be used immediately after receipt.’

The new formulation of Spical-Plus will be supplied from 2 January 2018.