Category: News
Date published: March 26, 2020

Aphid control: partner with nature to keep improving solutions for growers


​At Koppert Biological Systems we do everything possible to ensure that our products reach growers in the best possible condition and ready to do their valuable work upon arrival. In our series on 'Koppert Quality' we now focus on the biological control of aphids.

Aphids present growers with an increasing number of problems and Koppert is continuously working to find sustainable solutions to control a wide range of these small bugs which feed by sucking sap from plants and reproduce rapidly.

An integrated approach

There are many different aphid species that affect a variety of crops in many different conditions. So how to make the right choice of products for controlling this pest? Effective biological control of aphids often means using more than one product. See in the full article a handy overview of specific products for the biocontrol of aphids.

Complementary to insect- and mite-based products, the Business Unit Microbiology is further developing and thoroughly testing another sustainable biological solution to control aphids, entomopathogenic fungi (EPFs). The first results are promising! More info? Click on the link below to read the full article