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Date published: April 11, 2024

Biocontrol offers ease of application and safety for users

Growers often perceive biocontrol, the use of natural enemies such as predatory mites, parasitic wasps or beneficial microorganisms to control pests and diseases, as a complex crop protection method in agriculture. However, due to advancements in technology and agricultural practices, applying biocontrol has become easier than ever, utilizing existing spraying equipment and irrigation tools. The safety of bio-control methods for growers and their employees applying them is also an important, and often overlooked, benefit.

To achieve optimal results with biocontrol solutions, the correct application method is essential when starting with the use of biocontrol. Koppert’s technical advisors work with each grower to provide protocols for every product combination, including the formulation and application instructions tailored to each grower’s operation and machinery.

Easy application with current equipment 

One of the misconceptions about biocontrol is that it requires specialized equipment or complex procedures. On the contrary, many biocontrol agents are now available in user-friendly formulations that can easily be integrated into existing spraying equipment. For example, beneficial nematodes should be applied with water and can be dispersed using spraying systems most used in agriculture such as air-blast sprayers and boom sprayers.. Some biocontrol products also come in ready-to-use formulations, making it easy to apply.
All these solutions simplify the application process and makes biocontrol accessible to a broader range of growers, regardless of the scale of their operations. We are also constantly looking for more ways to help growers save time and money. Whether this is different pack sizes or formulations for product application, like Trianum (Trichoderma harzianum), or doing various compatibility tests to determine whether our products can be tank mixed. We are constantly working with and for growers to enable them to be in control with Koppert.

Integration with irrigation tools 

In addition to traditional spraying equipment, biocontrol methods can also be applied through irrigation systems. Following the example above, beneficial nematodes, like Koppert’s Capirel (Steinernema feltiae), can also be dispersed via drip irrigation systems and injected through a Dosatron venturi injector. Another example is Trianum-P granules that can effectively be dispersed in water and applied with drip-irrigation. Drip irrigation is an effective method for delivering biocontrol agents to the root zone of plants. This targeted application ensures that the beneficial organisms establish themselves where they are needed most, maximizing their impact on pest populations.

Safety assurance for applicators 

Biocontrol agents are safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Many biocontrol products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and efficacy. The reduced reliance on chemical pesticides in biocontrol practices contributes to a healthier working environment for growers.

We believe being in control means having the correct information and the best solutions. This enables growers to channel resources to where it matters most. Biological control is safe for users and offers easy application and integration into existing agricultural practices. Safe and easy application in agriculture - that is what it means to be in control with Koppert.