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Date published: September 14, 2023

Koppert and PI Industries forge a strategic alliance to work on a sustainable Agriculture Agenda

Bengaluru, India - Koppert India and PI Industries Ltd. (PI) signed a strategic alliance recently to foster advancements in sustainable agriculture practices and jointly innovate in the domain of Agriculture Biologicals.

As the global agricultural community grapples with the challenges of climate change, dwindling resources, and increasing food demand, the urgency to pivot towards eco-friendly and sustainable crop & soil protection solutions becomes paramount. Both partners believe that by leveraging collective expertise, resources, and shared vision, they can introduce cutting-edge solutions that safeguard crops, nurture the soil, and promote sustainable solutions within the agriculture sector in India.

Commenting on the occasion Mayank Singhal, Vice Chairperson and Managing Director, PI Industries Ltd. said, “We take great pleasure inking this understanding in the presence of the (demissionary) Honourable Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mr. Mark Rutte. With a very apparent requirement to ensure food security, the importance of joint biological portfolio development cannot be emphasized more. This partnership towards development and practice of sustainable agriculture perfectly captures the hopes and aspirations of global communities”.

Sharing his views on the development, Henri Oosthoek, Advisory Board member of Koppert added, “Biological crop protection is at the forefront of reshaping agriculture. By harnessing the power of nature and science, both partners aim to work towards sustainable agriculture, ensuring resilient crops, healthier soil and a safer environment. This alliance will amplify our shared commitment towards innovation, research, and the proliferation of sustainable practices within the agricultural sector.”